1 pack of pink multi-purpose cleaner The Pink Stuff

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1 Pack of Pink Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500 gm Pink Cleaner is 99% natural, removes stains, grease and dirt
High quality British product


99% natural paste 1 pack Pink multi-purpose cleaner 500 gm remover of grease and dirt and general surface cleaner, powerful cleaner for stoves, grill grease, copper, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, pot remover, children’s paints on the walls, cleaner for car wheels and other endless things.


  • The paste can only clean the cars from the outside, the candles and rims.
  • You can clean the interior of the car’s upholstery
  • The putty can clean floors and ceramics
  • You can use it to clean bathrooms and sinks
  • Easily get rid of all stubborn fats in pots and stoves
  • It will save you from soap scum and you can use it as a rust remover
  • The putty will make windows and mirrors shine again
  • You will be grilled at home after this at your convenience, because it will save you from fat and smoke effects on the grill
  • The paste will return all the bowls, pots, and all the kitchen utensils new
  • The toothpaste is made of natural materials that are safe and non-toxic, so you can clean and feel reassured
  • The paste can be used to clean boots and quiches.


  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • 500 grams
  • How to use
  • Apply the cleaner with a cloth or sponge to the area to be cleaned and rub it well, polish it with a clean dry towel before washing it with water


  • Do not use on plastic or acrylic surfaces
  • Do not use on hot surfaces
  • Gently use on ceramic surfaces



1 pack of pink multi-purpose cleaner The Pink Stuff

SAR 16,00SAR 25,00 (-36%)

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